• Spectral Suite version 2.0.0

    Spectral Suite version 2.0.0 released

    Version 2.0.0 of the Spectral Suite has now been released.

  • Grid layout examples

    Examples of using Grid Layout (with kittens)

    These examples are based on tutorials by Rachel Andrew

    Defining a grid

    We can define a grid simply by setting the display property to grid. Defining the columns is as simple as specifying the widths to the grid-template-columns property. We can do the same for the rows using the grid-template-rows property. If any more rows are added then we can use the grid-auto-rows property to define these heights. To specify the gap between columns we can use grid-column-gap property and for rows we can use the grid-row-gap property. If instead we want to specify both at once we can use the grid-gap property. In grid layout terminology we use the term track for referring to a row or a column.